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Jim F


Compliments To West Terra Projects

We’ve had something in the range of 60 visitors this summer and there is nothing but positive exclamations over the workmanship and the projects inherent beauty.

All the best"

Marg T


Thanks for all your accommodation to my needs to wait for the materials I really wanted! And thank you for your willingness to do all the other extras and to make everything work, especially the hearth"

Bruce L


You guys have done a wonderful job and I really appreciate all the thought and consideration you have put into this project….Well done!"

Mertin and Fran M


We are so happy with the outcome of the project. We didin’t think that it could go as smoothly and as well as it has. There were a lot of obstacles to work around and it all worked out so well and is exactly what we were looking for"

Meghan C


David and West Terra Projects will go the extra mile to get your project exactly how you want it – Highly Recommended”

Bob and Joel F


We are delighted with the work and quality and effort that has gone into our project”


Al M


We are really happy with everything. It turned out beautiful. Thank you for all the hard work and thoughtfulness”

Lorna B


West Terra Projects is my go to company. Thank you for all the effort and long hours you put into my project, it really turned out well"

Erik H.


We have been asked to comment on the level of communication and the quality of the work exhibited by the representatives of D Yager Construction. We have worked with D Yager Construction on sever residential renovations over the past years, covering virtually all structural aspects of residential construction.

Regarding communication, we have observed the representatives of D Yager Construction diligently contact us whenever structural design, review, or general consultation is necessary. In fact, we work with very few contractors that are more conscientious about keeping us abreast of construction progress.

As to the quality of work, we have observed the representatives of D Yager Construction perform work at or above industry standards. In our many field reviews of their work, we have found only typical minor deficiencies, which they have cooperatively re-mediated in a timely and efficient manner. We have also found that they exhibit a high level of attention to detail"

W. Ian B.


D Yager Construction Ltd of Victoria recently completed a lengthy and difficult seismic upgrade to our building.

The foreman on the jobsite worked with Hoel Engineering Ltd throughout the project with professionalism, common sense and provided excellent communication skills with ourselves, tenants and municipal authorities.
We will not hesitate to have the pleasure of working with the “Yager Crew” again"

Jason B.


I am very pleased to recommend D Yager Construction as a prospective carpenter/contractor.

The D Yager Construction crew has worked for many customers I have introduced to them. I have only heard of very positive complements from these customers regarding their work and personalities. I have always found them to be fair and very easy to work with. From what I have seen and been told, they carry out a very high quality of work. They have recently taken on a job from another contractor which was not satisfactory. I recommended D Yager Construction to the customers which had been left in the middle of an unfinished reno. They owners are very pleased and cannot stop talking about the D Yager Construction crew.

D Yager Construction has been very upfront on costs and time frames with customers and me. They always keep their account up to date with us and is a pleasure doing business with. I would recommend D Yager Construction to anyone who wants a reliable, honest, and quality job done right the first time"

Anthony V. O.


We engaged D Yager Construction to build an addition and perform renovations on our house. The work is now very nearly complete and I would like to say that the work done was to a very high standard and to our satisfaction. They communicated consistently with us throughout the project’s duration, not only to provide regular updates during the times we were away from home but as well to outline necessary changes to the plan and how best to deal with them. Their invoices were thoroughly itemized and detailed any changes and additions we made or were necessary, noting all costs for time, labour and materials.

D Yager Construction coordinated with the needs and timetable of our kitchen designer, allowing him to integrate his design for our kitchen with the overall construction process.

To sum up, we are very happy with the work performed by D Yager Construction and would recommend them to others. Their professional manner and willingness to co-operate with us and others has made our home improvement project a success"

Tom and Jan W.


We are pleased to comment on D Yager Construction and the work they have completed on our home.

Upon recommendation of Slegg Lumber in Sidney we contacted D Yager Construction after having considerable problems with a builder whom we hired to complete an addition/renovation to our home.

From the outset they grasped the significance of the problems created by our initial builder and immediately began to rebuild our addition/renovation to the requirements of the building inspector and the building code.

We have been very pleased with the quality of the work completed by D Yager Construction, the communication and management skills they brought to our project. Although, there were many complications and structural issues arising from the first builders lack of skill and issues that arise when matching old construction with a new addition, D Yager Construction’s crew handled these in a creative and efficient manner.

We feel very fortunate to have had D Yager Construction as our builder"

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